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Am Invest 澳洲安嘉投资集团是致力于澳洲房地产销售,地产开发以及商业移民的综合型投资公司。 旗下业务包括期房现房销售,各类物业出租管理,airbnb民宿运营,中小型地产开放管理及商业移民申请等一站式服务。安嘉集团拥有强大的网络资源优势和品牌互补优势,不断延伸的市场布局和不断拓宽的业务范围,并与澳洲多家顶级发展商,金融机构建立了长期的战略合作关系。

Appraisal services

Want to know how much your property is worth on the market? Want to find out how much you can lease your property for? Contact us today for a free market appraisal.

Find the right home

Through our extensive network and property portfolio, whether you are trying to find a new home, a new investment property, we can help. Contact us today and let us know your requirements.

Asset Management

Our asset management team can help you fully manage your investment property. Our proven processes means it is a stress free experience, simply hand us your keys and we will do the rest.


What our clients says

Jane Wang
AM Invest Client
A very good real estate agency, I just vacated from a property managed by them, their process of bond refund was very quick and easy. Their front staff was also nice and passionate.
Perrira David
AM Invest Client
Amazing! I am so satisfied with their service. Joyce is always quickly to respond to emails and requests. She helped leased out my investment property within 2 days. Highly recommended AMI rental team, especially Joyce.